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Paul Ehline Ride Lytle Creek Aftermath

Lytle Creek, San Bernardino: A Resounding Success Honoring Vendors and Veterans

A Grateful Appreciation for the May 13, 2023 Event

On May 13, 2023, the Lytle Creek community in San Bernardino witnessed an extraordinary event that brought together passionate individuals, dedicated vendors, and honorable veterans like the Leathernecks MC LMCI, Marine Riders, American Legion Riders, and independents from all across the country.

Leathernecks riding

The Paul Ehline Ride, organized by the tireless efforts of Michael Ehline, Greg Shockley, and our team, proved to be a resounding success, capturing the spirit of unity, gratitude, and a shared love for motorcycles and those who have served. This article aims to acknowledge the incredible achievement of the event while expressing deep gratitude to all the vendors and veterans who made it a memorable day.

Uniting for a Worthy Cause:

The Paul Ehline Ride of Lytle Creek was more than just a motorcycle event; it was a heartfelt endeavor to honor and support veterans who have selflessly served their country. The gathering allowed the community to come together and show appreciation for these heroes while raising funds for veteran-focused organizations. The event attracted a diverse crowd of motorcycle enthusiasts, veterans, and families who all shared a common goal: to pay tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of our servicemen and women.

The Role of Vendors and Supporters

A significant factor in the success of any event lies in the dedication and support of the vendors involved. The Paul Ehline Ride would not have achieved such heights without the contribution of the numerous vendors who offered their products, services, and support. The vendors, from local businesses to larger establishments across the country, added a vibrant atmosphere to the event, providing food, beverages, merchandise, and entertainment.

Here is a Sampling of Some Pro Veteran Vendors in Attendance

  • Five Arrows Tactical
  • NRA
  • Spitfire Motorcycles
  • Special Forces Association (Chapter 78) (Made a $250 donation and presented us with a challenge coin.)
  • Dan the Chief
  • Encompass Laboratory (Affordable Cancer Screening with Veterans in Mind)

Their presence enriched the overall experience and demonstrated a strong commitment to the cause.

Gratitude to Veterans

The Paul Ehline Ride was an opportunity to recognize the courage and valor of veterans, acknowledging the sacrifices they have made to safeguard our freedom and protect our nation. Veterans from various branches of the military attended the event, allowing the community to express their deep gratitude directly.

Here is a sampling of some veterans who attended:

  • Darren Harlow (USMC), Owner of 5 Arrows Tactical
  • David William Hampton (US Navy)
  • Marc Rohrenbacher (USMC)
  • Robert Hammond (USMC)
  • Michael Ehline (USMC)
  • Greg Horton (USMC/US Army)
  • Paige Vaughn (US Army)

There were plenty more vets and even a few special operators, but I didn’t get everyone’s names. If you want to be added, email me at The sight of veterans standing tall, sharing their stories, and connecting with attendees created a profound sense of admiration and unity. Their presence reminded everyone of the debt we owe to those who have served.

A Day to Remember

The Paul Ehline Ride was more than just a motorcycle event; it was a day filled with camaraderie, compassion, and celebration. Riders embarked on a scenic route through Lytle Creek, basking in the natural beauty of the surroundings while honoring veterans. The event featured a donations event, bagpiper music, speeches, and a ceremony that highlighted the importance of recognizing and supporting veterans beyond a single day. Ragnar of the Leathernecks Spartans handed over the Viking “Igor Axe” battle axe to set for auction. Here are some pictures.

Acknowledging the Success

The success of the Paul Ehline Ride can be attributed to the combined efforts of numerous individuals, organizations, and businesses. The dedication and commitment shown by the organizing team, volunteers, vendors, and participants ensured the event’s triumph. Their collective passion for supporting veterans and creating a memorable experience for all attendees was truly commendable.


The Paul Ehline Ride of Lytle Creek, San Bernardino, held on May 13, 2023, proved to be an overwhelming success, embodying the true spirit of unity, appreciation, and gratitude towards veterans. This event would not have been possible without the immense support and involvement of vendors who enriched the experience for all attendees. Our team’s tireless efforts and the riding community’s collective passion made this event an unforgettable day. As we reflect on this remarkable gathering, let us extend our deepest thanks to all those who made it possible—the vendors, the veterans, and the entire Lytle Creek community—for reminding us of the importance of honoring our heroes and supporting those who have served.

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