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As seen in Leatherneck, Magazine of Marines

Sergeant Paul Ehline Memorial Motorcycle Ride 2023

The Memorial Motorcycle Ride against Service-Related Cancer is back. Watch out for cancer, the President of Paul Ehline Ride is back in the saddle again to help our friends and family and troops dealing with service-related illnesses.

Plan Your Next Motorcycle Trip to Paul Ehline Ride!

If you ride in California traffic or have faced weapon-carrying enemies of America face to face, you may get it. Many of the attendees to our events have lived years of their life in the middle of bombing, firing, and shooting. Our message for these veterans and their families is: “You and your family can beat cancer too.” Our aim is to help families with money, set up claims with the VA, and lobby Congress on behalf of West Coast Vets stationed at El Toro and MCAS(H), etc.

Marine Sergeant Paul Ehline fought it well, and if it had been diagnosed and treated sooner, he’d have had a better chance at surviving. The Paul Ehline Memorial Ride is dedicated to raising awareness and diagnosing service-related illnesses during war and peace like this early.

Agent Orange Education and Motorcycle Ride

The Sergeant Paul Ehline Memorial Ride and its cause of raising awareness and seeking out solutions for veterans suffering from Agent Orange/burn pit-related cancers, etc., is only the tip of the iceberg with the veteran community and riding enthusiasts. On May 13, 2023, over at Greg’s firing range in the San Bernardino Mountains, we have more fun and games for a good cause.

Sergeant Paul Ehline Memorial Motorcycle Ride and Shoot Against Service Related Cancers – May 13, 2023

With resources for recreational shooters dwindling, Lytle Creek Firing Line remains one of the few ranges left that can service large events, law enforcement personnel, military memorial services, historical reenactments, and so forth. On May 13, 2023, they are hosting a fundraiser for the USMC Sergeant Paul Ehline Memorial Ride & Shoot Against Service Related Cancers, a 501c19 military service veterans organization.

This last year the Ride did an event in Texas for the Marine Corps Birthday, with help from the Leathernecks LMCI Peacemakers USMC country star Tyler Jay was there performing in Houston, Texas as well. Also in attendance were several chapters of the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club International  (The Originals) and several other local celebrities and social media influencers at The Conroe Lakehouse.

That’s right, the 247th Birthday of the U.S. Marines at Tun Tavern was celebrated in Houston, Texas, by the Paul Ehline Ride, on November 26, 2022, at The Conroe Lakehouse at 14954 Hwy, 105 W. Montgomery, TX 77356. Vendors included Drift Anchor Relief and singers and performers, including Aaron Holmes and John Gentry.

We also invited local Harley dealers to raffle off a motorcycle! Like always, food was available for purchase, and where legal, alcohol. Before this last event in Texas, Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Innovations attended an event at the Firing Line in the San Bernardino Mountains. He did a demonstration on steel targets for the Marines, Riders, and Marine ROTC unit, which acted as our honor guard. Taran, a world-champion three-gun shooter, builds all the cool guns Wick uses in the John Wick movies, and Keanu Reeves shoots at Taran’s private range for training and recreation.

Mystical Bagpipes

We always have a Scottish bagpiper (also a Marine) who plays “Amazing Grace,” “Scotland the Brave,” and the “Marine Corps. Hymn.” The sound of various-sized rounds cracking the berm with loud bagpipes piping is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many.

Everyone qualified gets a chance to shoot, and range safety is always number one, especially with so many Marines around. There is a raffle, and the LMCI and Marine Riders often sell food and refreshments. Taran gave out a lot of free goodies last time and let shot off quite a bit of ammo for a good cause.

We do it early to beat the heat, and the camaraderie among all the vets, wives, and their families is palpable. The sound of Harley and Indian motorcycles is definitely a helpful addition to the sights and smells of range day!

USMC Viking Battle Axe

We are also moving forward with a raffle for a USMC Viking battle axe brought to you by Ragnar of Leathernecks LMCI Spartans Nevada, USA. So hopefully, that will be in full effect. Honoring those who spilled blood who came before and helping those on earth that survived till Valhalla is our business. Helping our best Americans and their spouses is what our warriors and motorcycle riders do best!

More Future plans. The Firing Line plans to have a three-gun shoot, with vendors selling various self-defense items and other cool things and charities supporting vets and their families like the Marine Corps League. We will have a filming drone, it will be filmed for social media, and we will be sending out press releases and inviting the local ROTC and community leaders to cover the event. Men, women and children are welcome to the rally.

Here is a link to the charity to form a relationship with our team.

In a nutshell, the history is that Michael Ehline (also a Marine) lost his father from Agent Orange cancer during the COVID lockdowns. He could not get a proper 21-gun salute for his dad, as the Riverside Veteran’s Memorial was shut to these burials with buglers at the time. Also, the bugles play recordings of a bugle, and it’s just not real! USMC Gunnery Sergeant Joel Daniel (Ret.) showed up for our first event and has never stopped coming back. Michael got help from the LMCI and Lytle Creek to make it happen.

21 Gun Salute for The Killed and Fallen

We held the salute for his father, who was killed, and it became a charity ride for service members, vets, and bikers. Anywhere in America and beyond, from China to Camp Lejeune to Mexico, Paul Ehline Ride will go by land, air, and sea to help our fellow warriors eradicate and battle service-related illnesses when you join our cause.

One of the aims of the charity is to secure and deliver the same protections for West Coast vets as east coast vets are getting under the PACT Act and Camp Lejeune Justice Act. The organization supports safe riding and invests heavily in the veteran and M/C community to fight cancer and raise awareness. We hope your organization might be interested in supporting these honorable activities and causes. We have several ideas to co-promote the event, and including you would benefit vets and their families. We want to get flyers ready, so we are trying to get this nailed down asap.

Motorcycle Raffle

We are also contacting local Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycle shops in the Inland Empire to see if they are interested in donating a motorcycle to a raffle. I invite you to set up a booth and support this worthy cause. In addition, the charity is setting up a fallen rider’s fund if you are interested in participating in this program.

We think it would be a win-win situation if you know of any repair shops, hobbyists, or dealerships interested in raffling off some items. The range will offer great rates and other values to show its support and get people back into the traditions of shooting we got to experience as a youth. Mr. Ehline also specializes in Second Amendment rights, so he will be available to answer questions as well, and he may give a quick seminar on the state of CA self-defense rights post-2023.

For riders: This is for pre-qualified, moderate to experienced riders. See below to learn more.

About the author: Michael Ehline is not a typical academic lawyer. He is a former enlisted United States Marine, rifle and pistol expert, and self-defense advocate. Michael remains dedicated to helping with drug development to fight cancer and increase clinical trial accessibility for better cancer treatment outcomes and quality for our military veterans. Our organization has developed into an integral part of PTSD and cancer-related assistance. Come and hear our Gunny play taps and pipes, and support our case!

For more information about the Paul Ehline Memorial Ride, Visit:

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Michael Ehline

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