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In the Marines, we are only as fast as our slowest Marine. When you want to get somewhere fast, everyone needs that training, spirit, and discipline! When we say, “I will be there at 19:00 hours,” we mean 18:30. When we call or text someone, especially a civilian lawyer supposedly there to protect us, we expect a sense of urgency and immediacy, not garbage, narcissistic excuses. Paul Ehline Memorial Ride is dedicated to raising awareness for wounded warriors and getting them the help they deserve, hopefully from a fellow vet with some legal experience, not some self-important academic who has never been in the real world. Take a look at our recent posts for motorcycle riders and injured vets.

Image of an event at Kennedy's Custom Cycles in Oceanside, CA

Bill Kennedy of Kennedy’s Custom Cycles in Oceanside Did Not Die

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated. Me in the center, and Bill Kennedy is far right in the pic. First, I have met Bill Kennedy in the past and have been authorized to write this article. I have the utmost respect for the biker community and would never assume anything unless requesting mast. Bill Kennedy of Kennedy’s Custom Cycles in Oceanside is alive and well, contrary to rumors that have been circulating around San Diego and Oceanside since Kennedy’s Custom Cycles closed down. For you history buffs, here is a great interview of Bill in San Diego when he had the shop running. Mural Was Painted Over? After his beautiful mural was painted over and lost to history, the world wondered what had happened! Recently, there have been rumors spreading that Bill Kennedy, a c…

Diseases Vets Get from Burn Pit Exposure

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Diseases Vets Get from Burn Pit Exposure
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Police Say Deadly “Outlaw Biker Gang” Shootout Red River Memorial Day Rally

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Deadly Outlaw Biker Gang Shootout Red River Memorial Day Rally

How Can Local Constituents Obtain Local Congress or Senator’s Contact Info?

 |  Michael P. Ehline
For local constituents to obtain their local congressperson’s or senator’s contact information, go here. Find Your Congress Members Find Your Senators Enter your ZIP code, state, or other required information as prompted. The websites will provide you with the contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses, of your respective senators and representative. Alternatively, you can search for your local congressperson’s or senator’s official website or the official website of the U.S. House of Representatives or U.S. Senate. These websites typically provide contact information for individual members of Congress. Remember to provide your name, address, and other relevant details when contacting your congressperson or senator to ensure …
Paul Ehline and the Mong People

How Can I Legally Gather Signatures on Behalf of Voters for Legislation?

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Are you interested in helping us or others gather signatures for proposed legislation? To legally gather signatures on behalf of voters for legislation, you will need to follow certain procedures and requirements. We have included some basic information to assist you. We highly recommend that members of M/Cs and Riders follow these guidelines within the bounds of the law to gather the required information quickly. To get a sample PDF letter of support for West Coast Vets with Cancer, go here. The exact process may vary depending on the specific jurisdiction and the legislation you are seeking to support. However, here are some general guidelines to consider: Understand the Laws: Familiarize yourself with the relevant laws and regulations governing signature gathering for legisla…
Viking battle axe

Save West Coast Vets With Cancer Act Sample Form

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Below is a sample form you can copy and paste into your page editor, edit for paper snail mail, or email to your federal congressman or senator. It is requested that once you do so, you cc a courtesy copy to staff attorney Michael Ehline at For local constituents to obtain their local congressperson’s or senator’s contact information, go here. We have also included a PDF sample form here. If you wish to help gather signatures or engage in a helpful cause yourself, go here. [Your Name][Your Address][City, State, ZIP Code][Date] [Congressman/Senator’s Name] [Office Address] [City, State, ZIP Code] Subject: Request to Support Extending PACT and Camp Lejeune Justice Act Rights to US Veterans stationed at Camp Pendleton, MCAS (H) Tustin, MCAS El Toro…

Top 10 Motorcycle Movies to Watch This Summer (2023)

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Top 10 Motorcycle Movies to Watch This Summer (2023)
Viking battle axe

Paul Ehline Ride Lytle Creek Aftermath

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Lytle Creek, San Bernardino: A Resounding Success Honoring Vendors and Veterans A Grateful Appreciation for the May 13, 2023 Event On May 13, 2023, the Lytle Creek community in San Bernardino witnessed an extraordinary event that brought together passionate individuals, dedicated vendors, and honorable veterans like the Leathernecks MC LMCI, Marine Riders, American Legion Riders, and independents from all across the country. The Paul Ehline Ride, organized by the tireless efforts of Michael Ehline, Greg Shockley, and our team, proved to be a resounding success, capturing the spirit of unity, gratitude, and a shared love for motorcycles and those who have served. This article aims to acknowledge the incredible achievement of the event while expressing deep gra…
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