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In the Marines, we are only as fast as our slowest Marine. When you want to get somewhere fast, everyone needs that training, spirit, and discipline! When we say, “I will be there at 19:00 hours,” we mean 18:30. When we call or text someone, especially a civilian lawyer supposedly there to protect us, we expect a sense of urgency and immediacy, not garbage, narcissistic excuses. Paul Ehline Memorial Ride is dedicated to raising awareness for wounded warriors and getting them the help they deserve, hopefully from a fellow vet with some legal experience, not some self-important academic who has never been in the real world. Take a look at our recent posts for motorcycle riders and injured vets.

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Paul Ehline Ride Lytle Creek Aftermath

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Lytle Creek, San Bernardino: A Resounding Success Honoring Vendors and Veterans A Grateful Appreciation for the May 13, 2023 Event On May 13, 2023, the Lytle Creek community in San Bernardino witnessed an extraordinary event that brought together passionate individuals, dedicated vendors, and honorable veterans like the Leathernecks MC LMCI, Marine Riders, American Legion Riders, and independents from all across the country. The Paul Ehline Ride, organized by the tireless efforts of Michael Ehline, Greg Shockley, and our team, proved to be a resounding success, capturing the spirit of unity, gratitude, and a shared love for motorcycles and those who have served. This article aims to acknowledge the incredible achievement of the event while expressing deep gra…
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Paul Ehline Memorial Ride Charity Program: Schedule of Events May 13, 2023

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Date: May 13, 2023 Location: Lytle Creek Firing Line Program Schedule: 7:00 AM – MCs and Riders mass at Truck Rest Area at 15 Freeway and Glen Helen Parkway past Sierra Avenue heading North. Either way, the Shell Station at Sierra is a landmark. Riders form up and head to Lytle Creek by around 8:00-8:30 AM. We will deliver hot tacos with trimmings (Beans, Rice, etc.) for $12.00 around 10:00 AM. Any proceeds over costs will go to the fallen rider’s fund. 9:00 AM – Shooter Registration and Welcoming Vendors to Set Up Guests arrive and check-in at the registration desk Welcome speech by Michael Ehline, son of Paul and event organizers 9:15 AM – Head MC president/person of honor leads Pledge of Allegiance Words: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United S…
Marine Riders and Leathernecks Making it Happen!

Motorcycles Used by US Marines in History

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Motorcycles Used by US Marines in History
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Rest in Peace Gordon Lightfoot Memorial Letter for His Help Supporting Vets

 |  Michael P. Ehline
I am writing this article to express my deepest condolences and to honor the memory of the late Gordon Lightfoot, a truly remarkable artist whose music touched the hearts of many, including my father, the late Paul Ehline. As tributes pour in from around the globe, I correctly decided to make one of my own. As a devoted fan, my father took me to at least one of his shows when I was little, including one in Ontario, Canada. I also saw world-famous bands like Boston, Chicago, and Fleetwood Mac with Dad. And he occasionally used to take me to disco night at Knott’s Berry Farm in my hometown of Orange County, CA. Dad was quite the dancer, and his blue, yes, far bluer than mine, had the ladies on fire for him. Paul could really strike a pose with the ladies, especially the Australians and…
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Glossary of Motorcycle Terms for Riders

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Glossary of Motorcycle Terms for Riders
Paul Ehline With Mong People

Riding Motorcycles as a U.S. Marine: Regulations and Inspirations for Aspiring Student Riders

 |  Michael P. Ehline
Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience, and for those with aspirations of joining the U.S. Marines, it can become an integral part of their military journey. However, it is essential for student riders to understand and adhere to the regulations governing motorcycle use within the Marine Corps. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the regulations that Marines must follow when riding motorcycles and provide inspiration and insights for student riders who aspire to join the prestigious ranks of the U.S. Marines. var player = document.querySelector(‘presto-player#presto-player-2’); player.video_id = 4; player.preset = {“id”:5,”name”:”Youtube Optimized…
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