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Unveiling the Viking Battle Axe: Tribute to Fallen Riders by Spartan's P, Ragnar

Unveiling the Viking Battle Axe: Tribute to Fallen Riders by Spartan’s P, Ragnar

The Paul Ehline Memorial Ride: Honoring Fallen Riders Through the ‘Viking Battle Axe’ Donations Page 

This story is worthy of raising your drinking horns and goblets – a tale of camaraderie, resilience, and honor, all spinning around a unique artifact: the Fallen Rider Viking Battle Axe. Every generous hand willing to contribute to the Paul Ehline Memorial Ride Fallen Riders’ Fund is given a chance to participate in the annual raffle, held next on December 31, 2004, for an opportunity to have this history-rich piece of craftsmanship. 

What’s this all about, you wonder? 

Well, isn’t it time we fetched you into the creative cauldron where the Viking Battle Axe was forged, and introduce you to the veteran biker and craftsman, Ragnar?

Each donation to this cause feeds into the long-lasting tradition of helping guys and gals on two wheels, meticulously kept alive by the Leathernecks MC Spartans LMCI team. But more than just forming part of a vast network of assistance for bikers, every penny donated enters you into a raffle where the prize is nothing short of extraordinary: Ragnar’s Viking Battle Axe. 

Ragnar’s Experience as a Biker

With years on winding roads and countless horizons witnessed from behind handlebars, Ragnar is not just the president of Leathernecks MC Spartans LMCI but a seasoned biker, inactive Marine, and U.S. Army soldier. His stories and experiences add a texture of depth to the Viking Battle Axe, making it an emblem of strength and resilience.

Why do Thor and the Viking gods support the Paul Ehline Ride?

Meet Your Axe Maker: Ragnar and His Biker Journey 

Viking battle axe

You might wonder who Ragnar is and why he profoundly connects to the Leathernecks MC Spartans LMCI and the Paul Ehline Ride. Let us enlighten you. Ragnar, the Leathernecks MC Spartans LMCI president, is not just your typical biker and motorcycle enthusiast. He carries a profound passion for the biker community and takes on the legacy of fallen bikers like Paul Ehline through his craft. Having spent years on the road, Ragnar understands the risks of biking, which has fueled his commitment to supporting the Fallen Riders’ Fund. 

Mike Ehline, Left, Ragnar, Right

Inspired by his Nordic roots, USMC spirit, and a genuine love for the bike community, Ragnar forged the Axe with skill and a heart full of memories. Every strike against the metal was a testament to his determination, a reflection of the biker spirit. While we can’t bring you the thrilling sensation of riding a motorcycle under the vast sky or the melodic rhythm of the hammer hitting the metal in Ragnar’s workshop, we can provide you a peek into these experiences through pictures of the Viking Battle Axe on our donor page.

After all, this epic initiative should be visually shared with every bike lover out there, don’t you agree?

Support the Cause: Participate in the Viking Battle Axe Raffle 

Now, you too can share in the bikers’ spirit of resilience and camaraderie by participating in the Viking Battle Axe raffle, held every year on December 31. Donors to the Paul Ehline Ride, Fallen Riders’ Fund, can win a beautifully crafted Viking Battle Axe. Not only will you be supporting a noble cause, but you could also get a chance to bring home a piece of biker heritage and Viking spirit. 

To participate, navigate to our donations page and make a contribution. Every donation brings us closer to our goal of supporting needy bikers.

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