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Tips to stay safe riding to the Paul Ehline Memorial Ride.
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Riding Motorcycles as a U.S. Marine: Regulations and Inspirations for Aspiring Student Riders

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience, and for those with aspirations of joining the U.S. Marines, it can become an integral part of their military journey. However, it is essential for student riders to understand and adhere to the regulations governing motorcycle use within the Marine Corps. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the regulations that Marines must follow when riding motorcycles and provide inspiration and insights for student riders who aspire to join the prestigious ranks of the U.S. Marines. var player = document.querySelector(‘presto-player#presto-player-1’); player.video_id = 4; player.preset = {“id”:5,”name”:”Youtube Optimized…
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10 Strategies for Staying Safe on Your Next Motorcycle Ride

10 Strategies for Staying Safe on Your Next Motorcycle Ride
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Yamaha Motorcycle Won’t Tip Over: What You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of motorcycles and a dsiabled vet, you’ve probably heard about Yamaha’s new technology that makes their bikes impossible to tip over. This is a big deal for riders who have always had to be careful when maneuvering their bikes in tight spaces or at slow speeds. But how does it work, and what are the implications for manufacturers in terms of liability for manufacturing defects? Leaning Multi Wheeler The technology behind Yamaha’s anti-tip system is called the “Leaning Multi-Wheeler,” or LMW for short. Essentially, it adds an extra wheel to the front of the motorcycle that helps to keep it stable when turning or at low speeds. The extra wheel is not actually touching the ground all the time but rather is connected to the bike through a mechanism that allows it to pi…

Jay Leno Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Accident Months After Garage Fire

 |  Michael P. Ehline  | 
If Leno suffered injuries due to another’s negligence, he might be able to pursue a personal injury claim against the negligent party.
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Jason Momoa Motorcycle Accident – Who Pays?

 |  Michael P. Ehline  | 
It was recently announced that the movie star, Jason Momoa was involved in a scary car accident. Warner Bros Aquaman star peacefully drove his car when everything went down. If you want to know more about this accident and its consequences, please keep reading. Viral Jason Momoa Motorcycle Crash Video The crash scene was captured on video by TMZ. It shows that Jason didn’t have any major injuries as he walked back to his car while the paramedics and other medical professionals took care of the motorcyclist who crashed against the vehicle in a head-on collision. This footage was taken by the camera of a third-party bicyclist passing by during the crash. How Bad Was It? It seemed a relatively serious scene due to all the medical professionals and police officers that sho…
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Can a Helmet Improve Survival in a Motorcycle Accident?

When you ride a motorcycle, you tend to enjoy the breeze and the freedom that comes with it. However, helmets tend to limit a rider’s level of enjoyment and somehow take away their freedom. Helmets can feel uncomfortable, especially in California’s scorching summer heat, and some helmets may not suit your fashion preferences. Some states have no helmet laws, and others have partial helmet laws. Avoiding severe head injuries is not always possible, even with the best headgear. Although helmets do not meet everyone’s comfort level and style, they are not made for that purpose. Helmets help minimize the risk of fatal injuries by protecting the head, brain, and upper part of the spine. Helmets are one of the few options bikers have to protect themselves from other motorists and environme…
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