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Why Did the Pope Once Bless Bikers?

Drawing parallels between a group of people and a historical order that has religious and political connotations can be seen as inappropriate and misleading by politically correct search engines and others. But for sure, anytime a holy man blesses bikers; we can presume this focuses on the positive impact of motorcycle riding and the sense of community it fosters among riders.

Back in 2013, hundreds of Harley-Davidson riders gathered to witness Pope Francis bless their bikes, showcasing the strong bond and camaraderie among the motorcycle community riding Harley-Davidsons. Although Pope Francis blessed thousands of people that year, Harley Davidson and other bikers with thundering Harley engines got to celebrate their 110th anniversary as motorcycle makers! The reports go that St. Peter’s Square resembled a giant Harley parking lot.

Two White Harley Davidson Police Bikes?

The Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Harley blessed the Pope with two white classic Harleys for use by the Vatican police force.

This sense of community is a cornerstone of motorcycle culture to this day, with riders often forming close-knit groups or Harley riders and organizations to support each other and give back to the community. For many riders, motorcycle riding is a passion that provides a sense of freedom and adventure. It allows them to explore new places and meet new people while enjoying the ride’s thrill at a Harley gathering. This sense of adventure among Harly owners is reminiscent of the spirit of exploration and discovery of the Knight’s Templars and of that felt that Sunday’s Vatican blessing of 2013 square alongside nuns and faithful catholics.

Charity Events

Moreover, the motorcycle community, including Indian and Harley Davidson, is known for its charitable work and dedication to helping others. Many riders participate in charity events and fundraisers, raising money and awareness for various causes while sporting their trademark leather Harley vests. This dedication to giving back to the community is similar to the values of the Knight’s Templars, who were known for their charitable work and protection of the weak and vulnerable. An occasional loud parade is good for the soul, especially among Catholic riders and the over half million Harley owners everywhere.


In conclusion, the motorcycle community is a diverse and vibrant group of people who share a passion for riding and a dedication to supporting each other and giving back to the community. While it may not be appropriate to draw comparisons between riders and historical orders, it’s clear that the spirit of adventure, camaraderie, and service is alive and well among motorcycle enthusiasts. Pope Francis blesses bikers for a reason, even though they are motorcycle-wearing Harley garb aficionados, just as colorful as the Vatican Police Force of Swiss Guards.

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