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Bill to Improve the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant and the Children of Fallen Heroes Grant

There is a bill to improve the Iraq and Afghanistan Service grant and the children of fallen heroes grant, which will make a huge difference for people who have served. Many veterans deserve to have better help when they have been discharged from the military. However, many of them have struggled when they come home. Those who were a part of the Iraq and Afghanistan service saw many dreadful scenarios, which is why the government should look after them.

To learn more about the bill to improve the Iraq and Afghanistan Service grant and the children of fallen heroes grant, continue reading below.

Bring Healthcare to Those Who Completed Iraq and Afghanistan Service

Sadly, many veterans struggle to receive healthcare upon discharge, which is not right. Luckily, the House of Representatives passed a bill to help expand healthcare coverage for all who served and were exposed to toxic chemicals. The new benefits will cover 23 illnesses linked to pollutants on the battlefield.

This bill was passed after President Joe Biden addressed it in his speech to Congress. He wanted the PACT Act to have better healthcare for those who served in the war. During the war, there were open-air pits where they would burn waste, but it was later discovered how dangerous this was and how it affected many soldiers.

It is thought that around 3.5 million people have been affected by these toxic fumes. However, accessing appropriate healthcare for these illnesses has always been an issue. Also, healthcare coverage is being expanded to cover members of the Cold War and Vietnam War.

Everything Took a Quick Turn

The Afghanistan service grant would help many people involved in the way. Many veterans’ affairs are continuously being pushed aside, but this has not changed for those who have served this county. Even though the Republican senators were in support of the bill, they ended up voting against it. If this bill were passed, it would bring in nearly $300 billion to help improve the healthcare system and disability benefits that veterans need. The senate has surprised a few people in regards to these decisions.

If the bill were passed, it would help millions of people affected by the war and the toxins they were exposed to. Also, this bill would give additional benefits to those who have become ill with respiratory conditions or cancer due to the toxins.

Some People Are Opposing It Completely

People who disagree with the Afghanistan service grant say that this would allow veterans who have not received these conditions due to the war to come forward and receive help. They are concerned that this increase would cause many problems to the healthcare system that is currently struggling, which means that the wait times will continue to increase.

However, many people do not agree with this because they think veterans should be helped either way since they put their lives on the line for people to live in America. Except, if there were a House Amendment, the senate would need to invoke cloture. If this were to happen, the bill might be passed, and the veterans’ additional healthcare services would be given.

Except, it is challenging for a House Amendment to happen, and it is even more difficult to invoke cloture amongst the committee. Once a motion has passed, it is hard to reverse, which is why many people are upset that this is taking as long.

The Children of Fallen Heroes Grant

Federal Pell grants are given to those who are children of fallen heroes. This funding will help children reach their goals, and it is a way for the senate to help the families of their soldiers. However, there are some requirements that the child will need to meet so that they can receive the money for the fiscal year.

Those requirements are:

  • They do not have a bachelor’s degree.
  • They must have a qualifying Expected Family Contribution.
  • They must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • They will only be able to receive money that equates to twelve full-time semesters.
  • They will need to be under the age of 24, or they would need to have already been enrolled at a higher education institution when their parent died.
  • There will need to be documentation of the parent’s death while in the line of duty.

If the child receives financial aid, then they may be eligible to receive additional help. Also, it will not be disclosed on any forms that this is financial aid for a child of a fallen hero.

How Does This All Connect to Paul Ehline Ride?

No matter what department of the military someone has served, every person should have an advocate who will listen to them and fight for their rights. Waiting for a House Amendment to happen may take months, but fellow Jarheads can still help veterans get the help they need.

Also, civilians exposed to toxins in their workplace deserve to have someone who will fight for their rights and the compensation that should be theirs. Even though there are other purposes for the bill, it is still upsetting that veterans must wait to receive healthcare and that many don’t have access to it.

If someone has a personal injury claim that they want to make, they should call Paul Ehline Ride. This is a team that is knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate when it comes to people and their needs. The team will ensure that all paperwork is completed quickly and efficiently, so the client can focus on their recovery.

Also, the client will learn what they can be compensated for during the free consultation. There are many different economic and non-economic things that someone can receive payment for, but they may not know it yet. The professionals will break everything down for you, so you are not surprised by anything.


Veterans should always receive proper healthcare for their sacrifice to this county. However, everyone will need to wait to learn more about this bill and what the senate plans on doing. Call Paul Ehline Ride for questions about your VA Claim or any issues that have left you in a dark place.

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