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Signs and Symptoms of Service-Related Cancer

Symptoms and signs are common ways the body uses to inform you that you are suffering from a disease, illness, or injury. Signs like bleeding or fever can be measured and seen by others.

A symptom, on the other hand, is usually noticed or felt by those who have it. According to the national cancer institute, cancer symptoms usually depend on the location of cancer, its size, and most importantly, how it impacts the nearby tissues or organs.

If someone has cancer and it is spreading, there is a good chance that its symptoms or signs will appear in various body parts. While almost anyone can develop cancer, you may be surprised to learn that a high percentage of military veterans get this horrendous disease.

More often than not, these individuals are exposed to various risk factors that can, later on, result in cancers like neck cancer, oral, cancer, liver cancer, etc.

The sad part is that these risks are avoidable with the right care and planning. If you are a military veteran who wants to learn about different cancer signs and cancer types along with the cancer treatments to choose from, continue reading as we will talk all about it.

The Symptoms and Signs of Cancer – What You Should Know

More often than not, cancer tends to push or grow into nearby nerves, blood vessels, and organs. This pressure often results in some of the symptoms and signs associated with cancer. It is also worth keeping in mind that cancer could also cause different symptoms, such as extreme fatigue, fever, weight loss, etc.

This could be because the cancer cells tend to use a great deal of energy supply in an individual. In addition, cancer could also release fluids and other substances, which impact how the human body develops energy.

The national cancer institute claims that cancer is capable of forcing the immune system to produce different symptoms and cancer signs that warn us about the disease.

General Symptoms and Sings Related to Cancer

You may be surprised to learn that most symptoms and signs are not caused directly by cancer. Instead, many other things are responsible for them, no matter which type of cancer an individual is suffering from. In case you or anybody you know has signs that tend to get worse with time, it would be best to see a doctor in order to determine the root cause.

If the thing that is causing the feeling of pain is not cancer, the doctor will be able to tell what the issue is because of their vast experience. In case the expert you are seeing has experience with cancer treatment, they will not take much time to confirm that the pain you are facing is due to another issue.

Cancer Signs that Everyone Must be Wary of

While thousands, if not millions of people are at risk of developing cancer, determining whether you actually have it or not can be challenging if you don’t know about the obvious signs.

For example, the lymph nodes are a vital part of our immune system. Their main purpose is to capture the various harmful substances traveling in our bodies. Regular lymph nodes tend to be quite tiny and spotting them can be quite hard, especially during the first few weeks.

However, if there is cancer, inflammation, or infection, the size of these nodes can increase greatly. The ones that are close to the surface of the body can get so big that you can feel them with your fingers. Some of these nodes become so big that you can see them as a lump or swelling under your skin.

While there are plenty of reasons why lymph nodes tend to swell up, one of the main ones is that cancer cells get trapped over there. Therefore, if you notice that you have any unusual lump or swelling in your body, make sure you check with your doctor in order to determine what is going on.

Now, let us look at some common symptoms and signs that indicate cancer. That being said, these symptoms could happen because of other issues as well.

Extreme fatigue or tiredness does not go away even if you get plenty of rest and have a healthy diet

You gained or lost ten pounds or even more without any known reason

Your body’s immune system is compromised and you have trouble swallowing, do not feel hungry, and are vomiting too often

Lumps or swelling in your body

You experience pain for no particular reason and that pain only gets worse as time passes

You have a lump that is bleeding or has become scaly

New moles and sores that change shape with time and do not heal could be a cancer sign

Jaundice (eyes or skin turning yellow) could be a telltale sign of cancer

Hoarseness or coughing that doesn’t go away could be a sign of cancer

Unusual bruising or bleeding without any reason could be a cancer sign

Endless stomach ace that causes bowel habits to change (diarrhea or constipation) could be a cancer sign

Changes in the bladder that cause pain, blood, or the need to urinate less or more often could be among the most common cancer symptoms

Night sweats or fever


Hearing or vision-related problems

Lumps on the breast

Changes in the mouth such as numbness, pain, bleeding, sores

All of the general signs mentioned above are quite common and indicate symptoms of cancer. That said, there are plenty of other possible signs that aren’t mentioned here. In case you notice major changes in your body, especially if they last for long periods or tend to become worse, it would be best to consult with a doctor.

If the pain you are experiencing does not have anything related to cancer, the expert you are seeing will determine the probable cause and treat it if necessary. However, if cancer is diagnosed, you will be giving yourself a chance to get treated without wasting too much time. Of course, this will significantly increase your chances of successful treatment.

What Do the Experts Suggest?

There are situations when it is possible to spot cancer even before experiencing or identifying any symptoms. The American Cancer Society, along with several other groups, suggests people get cancer checkups and specific tests even if they do not show any clear symptoms.

Doing so can help them spot cancer signs early on. As mentioned earlier, this can greatly increase their chances of getting successful cancer treatment.

Also, it is worth keeping in mind that even if your tests were clear, you must still see a professional in order to determine if you have any symptoms or signs of cancer. The symptoms could indicate cancer or other illnesses which require treatment.

Veterans and Cancer Risks

As mentioned earlier, some people who spent their time in the marine corps or the military could have been exposed to various substances during their time of service that have the potential to cause cancer.

One of those substances is ionizing radiation. This form of radiation has sufficient energy to shatter chemical bonds, knocking electrons from atoms and creating ions.

When this happens inside the body, there is a high chance that t could damage or kill cells. The VA and American cancer society suggest that around 200,000 veterans who were in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after World War 2 or were kept as prisoners of war were exposed to different levels of radiation.

These individuals could be at an incredibly high risk of facing long-term health issues, which include one or multiple types of cancers. These could include the following cancer types:

  • Thyroid cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Kidney cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Bone cancer
  • Small intestine cancer
  • Salivary gland cancer
  • Gall bladder cancer
  • Leukemia.

These veterans can also be at risk of other types of cancers but these are arguably the most prominent ones. It would be best for these vets to look for the common signs associated with cancer and go to a doctor for early detection.

If they are indeed diagnosed with cancer, they can opt for cancer care early to ensure they get the right treatment on time.

Michael Ehline’s Undying Love for Military Veterans

Michael Ehline has been quite vocal about his love for military veterans and there is a good reason for that. His father Paul Ehline was a passionate sergeant who inspired hundreds and thousands of heroes who contributed to our safety. Paul played a vital role in the United States military, especially in Vietnam.

Initially, he was not chosen for the job. However, Paul did not let that stop him from trying again, which is why he joined the marine corps. After some time, he got his transfer to Vietnam and participated in duty despite the terrible conditions there.

The Annual Sergeant Paul Ehline Ride

Michael Ehline loved his father and everything that he stood for, which is why he organized the Sergeant Paul Ehline ride. He organized this ride to serve the memory of his late dad Paul Ehline.

Paul always fought for what he believed in and never took the easy way out, which is what made him a dedicated and highly respected veteran. He battled enemies during his time with the marine corps and unfortunately when he retired he had a battle with cancer.

Despite having the awful disease, paul never looked defeated or lost which further proved his great character. This inspired Michael Ehline to organize a motorcycle ride to honor the memory of his father.

After the success of the first ride, Michael decided to make this an annual ride that sees several veterans and supporters participate actively or through contributions. You can find more information regarding the Sergeant Paul Ehline Annual ride over here.

Celebrate the Heroes who Make Sacrifices for Our Freedom

If you love riding, whether to show your respects to veterans like Paul Ehline or just have a passion to ride your bike, make sure you are safe. Motorcycle collisions and accidents can be incredibly dangerous and can impact your life in the worst of ways.

If you are looking for trustworthy legal representation, we can also can be your reliable motorcycle accident and personal injury lawyer source. Are you a military veteran looking for help with your motorcycle accident case? If so, consider checking the contact information mentioned on the website. Once you use the contact info, you will be directed to the right sources to help with your particular case. Those who want to help through funds can always consider contributing as the Paul Ehline Annual Ride firmly believes in offering maximum help to military veterans. Make sure you participate in the ride in any possible way you can to raise money for our nation’s heroes and those who need it more than others.

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