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Jason Momoa Motorcycle Accident – Who Pays?

It was recently announced that the movie star, Jason Momoa was involved in a scary car accident.

Warner Bros Aquaman star peacefully drove his car when everything went down. If you want to know more about this accident and its consequences, please keep reading.

Viral Jason Momoa Motorcycle Crash Video

The crash scene was captured on video by TMZ. It shows that Jason didn’t have any major injuries as he walked back to his car while the paramedics and other medical professionals took care of the motorcyclist who crashed against the vehicle in a head-on collision.

This footage was taken by the camera of a third-party bicyclist passing by during the crash.

How Bad Was It?

It seemed a relatively serious scene due to all the medical professionals and police officers that showed up, but luckily, everyone got away with minor injuries.

Jason Momoa After the Scary Car Wreck

Jason seemed okay after the head-on collision, which makes us believe that the fairly serious scene wasn’t as severe as it appeared in the video.

However, there are no signs of the injured rider, and we can only see their bike laying on the side of the road.

The bike is damaged because of the crash, but the biker is currently being treated for their injuries.

Did Anyone Get Injured?

The video shows a front and rear shot showing Jason walking back to his car, but according to official reports, no one got severely hurt during the accident, so no one will be blamed for it.

How Things Happened

Everything started when Jason Momoa peacefully traveled across the Old Topanga Canyon Road Sunday, near the Calabasas area.

Then, out of nowhere, someone’s bike traveling in the opposite direction collided with his vehicle while they were turning around in a curve.

Who Is to Blame?

Allegedly, the motorcyclist was the one who ran into Jason’s lane, which caused him to crash against JM’s windshield in his Oldsmobile muscle car.

Then, the biker went flying due to the impact but quickly reached the ground again.

What About the Motorcycle Rider?

Luckily for everyone, the biker landed on his feet. Nonetheless, the motorcycle rider crossed the street and crashed against Jason’s windshield, making him bounce all over the hood of his car.

Still, he didn’t have any noticeable injuries and was apparently left standing.

Biker’s Injuries

After everything went down, the paramedics transported the biker to the hospital with minor injuries, which included a thumb injury and some leg bruising.

Jason’s Injuries

According to law enforcement sources, Jason’s fine, as he wasn’t hurt during the accident, so there was no need to take him to the hospital.


The officers quickly settled everything after taking the reports and concluding it was a minor accident.

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This is a clear example of a motorcycle accident. Luckily for everyone involved, nothing serious happened.

Paul Ehline Memorial lobbies for those injured in motor vehicle accidents so they get the justice they deserve.

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