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Can a Brain-injured U.S. Marine Become a Lawyer with No Law Degree to Boot?

You Can Provide Legal Assistance Without a Law Degree

Did you know you could qualify as a lawyer without a law degree? I did it and now successfully run Ehline Law Firm! I am a disabled, inactive US Marine from the Armed Forces, and you, too, can definitely become an attorney without having to go to law school. Even if you have a brain injury, so long as it doesn’t harm your ability to take the bar, you are good to go!

This is the case in numerous states, including CA. I, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, became a lawyer by reading law under multiple supervising attorneys during my four-year experience to becoming a lawyer in Los Angeles. Hence, you do not need an undergrad or law school!

Michael Ehline’s Journey Without Law School

Before acquiring a higher degree, I passed the Baby Bar Exam and the General Bar Exam. Yes, you read that correctly.  Is it possible to pass the Bar without attending law school? In California and several other areas, you may become a practicing attorney without ever attending law school.

You Don’t Have to Attend Law School to Practice Law

Reading law is no longer the standard path for many modern lawyers, but it has significant advantages for free thinkers. I really enjoyed studying and recording the genuine tale of becoming a lawyer without attending law school. 

In most places in the US, obtaining a Juris Doctorate (JD) or a legal degree from a state-accredited law school or ABA is now a must before practicing law. The United Kingdom, including the commonwealth, is following a similar path. Although I studied law under the CA State Bar Law Office Study Program guidelines, a few states have their own legal apprenticeship programs.

Several people believe there are benefits to attending a typical, expensive law school if they can withstand legal education and the massive, crushing student debt that comes with it. Whatever the case may be, there is no such thing as a fast legal degree if you want to practice law.

Several people, including myself, have become attorneys without ever having attended law school or college by observing mentor lawyers or judges and getting real-world legal practice. Peers and experts have referred to me as the preeminent expert regarding American common law apprenticeships.

I  use my expertise as a historian, legal scholar, and law office study professor to dissect the different ways in which students become lawyers without attending law school under the inherited common law system.

The Differences Between Legal Apprentices and Law Students

Modern law students lack the legal knowledge that occurs through practical application, despite the fact that this euphemism is not always accurate. Though, it’s true that numerous legal apprentices paid their fees and gave up their time to assist masters.

Students studying law under the supervision of judges, civil, or criminal lawyers, typically gain practical, useful, and collegial experience, such as:

  • Going to court
  • Attending depositions
  • Conducting a trial
  • Visiting various prisons and jails and conducting interviews with the prisoners
  • Gaining knowledge regarding national and local procedural rules and word processor rules
  • Learning rules of evidence
  • Legal advice regarding law and motion
  • Attending crucial events.

From international law to family law, administrative law, criminal law, fiscal law, and cyber law, there is a broad range regarding the different fields of law a judge advocate and lawyer needs to know.

When it comes to legislation, one must remember it is a practical field, meaning you need to have the necessary skills and gain experience; simply retaining the information does not cut it.

Are You Attending Various Law Schools for Four Years or Becoming a Legal Apprentice by Reading Legislation?

Though most jurisdictions require licensed lawyers to have a degree, some states, such as Vermont, allow individuals to become lawyers without attending one of the many law schools or naval justice schools, provided they train and work under the supervision of a practicing prosecutor for a few years.

One refers to this as “reading the law,” and it is uncommon for prospective lawyers to do so anymore, despite it being a prevalent practice in the past. However, it is still possible, but not in Wyoming, Maine, or New York. Second-year law students could be at the same level as someone who is not attending classes.

Do You Have Any Questions? Entering the Legal Field Is Possible

Do you still believe you have to attend college to get your degree? It is time for you to choose; there are various working options for you to choose from depending on the path you want your career to take.

You do not have to be an undergraduate or study for your officer candidate course to become the best defense attorney in Los Angeles.

If you are in doubt, remember that an injured US marine corps got admitted as a lawyer without having to complete various subjects at college.

I, Michael Ehline, spend my time serving numerous families across Los Angeles after sustaining an injury in the military and not attending law school. Call us at (213) 596-9642 if you have an interest in training or practicing under our jurisdiction.

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