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Veterans Travel US to Garner: Support for Afghan Refugees and Triple A

A Road Trip to Remind the US About its Afghan Allies

Veterans of the US armed forces visited the nation to promote legislation that would be funded by the Biden administration’s spending on aiding Afghan refugees.

Veterans Travel US to Garner: Support for Afghan Refugees

The soldiers traveled through 25 states and more than 7,600 miles in five weeks this fall to promote the Afghan Adjustment Act, proposed by Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. Matt Zeller, Army Veteran told the Washington Post that it was imperative that they finish the mission. The purpose of the journey is to lobby skeptical Republicans on the spending plan in order to support Afghan families and refugees. The veterans are asking for the “Triple A” to be incorporated into the final Biden spending plan before Republicans take control of the House and attempt to rein in spending in the following Congress. This plan will help Afghan veterans and refugees to become lawful permanent residents and increase eligibility for special immigrant visas.

During the trip in Omaha, Zeller reportedly told a staff member for Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb., “I’m only alive talking to you today because my Afghan interpreter shot and killed these two Taliban fighters who were about to kill me in a battle 14 years ago.” Fischer has already made a compelling case for the Biden administration to support the Afghan allies in the US. According to the Washington Post, she stated during the mission to airlift refugees out of the Kabul airport that the US made a promise to these heroic Afghans that if they work with us, we will take care of them and their family members.

Furthermore, for the almost 73,000 evacuees who entered America under “humanitarian parole,” a two-year reprieve that expires in 2023, the Afghan Adjustment Act would end the looming threat of unemployment or deportation. The measure would increase the government’s options for rescuing hundreds of thousands of other people who were left behind and provide them the chance to obtain green cards after completing additional screening.

Why Are Republicans Skeptical of the Triple A Plan?

Republican critics of the “Triple A” point out that the Department of Homeland Security already gives Afghan asylum cases top attention and promises to settle them within 150 days of receiving them. However, many Afghanistan refugees have had to wait over three years to receive a special immigrant visa. Zeller stated in a video message, while stopping in Wyoming, that they traveled 2,500 miles across the country with the goal of raising awareness of the Afghan Adjustment Act. However, they haven’t encountered somebody who doesn’t want it passed. They have received just overwhelming support. From local communities to community organizations, businesses, officials, and refugee resettlement agencies, everyone wants these brave Afghans and their families to feel safe and dignified.

The Paul Ehline Ride Supports You!

We support Afghanistan refugees and the incentive to help them receive employment authorization in the US. Contact us to schedule a free consultation if you are entitled to compensation under the Afghan Adjustment Act. While we wait for the Triple A, Afghan nationals can receive assistance under Operation Allies Welcome, which has a US Refugee Admissions Program.

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