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Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and motorcycle lawyer in Los Angeles, CA.
Michael Ehline at First Recon HQ, Camp Pen

Glossary of USMC Slang and Terms in Alphabetical Order

From basic training onward, you can never compare the Air Force, Air Force Academy, or any other more civilian life type military force to the United States Marine Corps. Service members from this combat-oriented branch, both officers and enlisted, offer the toughest and longest basic training a US service member can obtain. Here, even the enlisted ranks are expected to fill leadership roles and have always been at the tip of the spear of the United States military, and still do the most push-ups. Here are some great words used to describe different things even a newly promoted corporal...

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Vet Support Organizations

Believe it or Not R Lee Ermey Loved Victory Motorcycles

Most Motards know who the Gunny is, and we also know he was never really a Gunny until he reminded our fathers of how truly unique they are as Vietnam vets. R Lee Ermey was the USMC drill instructor (DI) turned actor drill instructor who woke up Gen X to the shoes they’d have to fill as young men. The Marines actually promoted him to Gunnery Sergeant years after he had already retired. That’s how cool this devil dog was to the Corps. var player = document.querySelector('presto-player#presto-player-1'); player.video_id = 3; ...

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Terry of SpytShyne

The Reason Harley-Davidson Leads With Motorcycle Clubs

Harley-Davidson is one of the most iconic motorcycle brands in the world. Owning and riding one has a special place in the hearts of American motorcycle enthusiasts in the country and others, including rebel hog bikers in Germany, Italy and Australia. It is a brand that has been associated with motorcycle clubs and the biker lifestyle for decades. But how did Harley-Davidson become the favorite bike of American motorcycle clubs? In this article, we will take a closer look at its history and association with motorcycle clubs (M/Cs), and why it remains a favorite among riders, even women. (2018...

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Why Did the Pope Once Bless Bikers?

Why Did the Pope Once Bless Bikers?

Drawing parallels between a group of people and a historical order that has religious and political connotations can be seen as inappropriate and misleading by politically correct search engines and others. But for sure, anytime a holy man blesses bikers; we can presume this focuses on the positive impact of motorcycle riding and the sense of community it fosters among riders. Back in 2013, hundreds of Harley-Davidson riders gathered to witness Pope Francis bless their bikes, showcasing the strong bond and camaraderie among the motorcycle community riding Harley-Davidsons. Although Pope...

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Vet Support Organizations

The Truth About Old Bikers: Debunking the Myths

There are many motorcycle myths and stereotypes about motorcycle riders, and in particular, about older bikers. Some people believe that once you hit a certain age, you should put away your motorcycle and retire from the lifestyle. Others think that older motorcycle riders are dangerous, reckless, or just plain crazy. But the truth is, these myths are far from accurate. This motorcycle myth article will explore the truth about old bikers, motorcycle riding, and motorcycle accidents. We will also debunk some of the most common motorcycle myths associated with them as well as some truths like...

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Bikers at Paul Ehline Ride Event

10 Strategies for Staying Safe on Your Next Motorcycle Ride

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience, but riding on two wheels also comes with risks, even for experienced riders who follow traffic rules. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety report of 2009, 48% of motorcycle rider fatalities were caused due to excessive speeds, with bikers being more than 30 times at risk of dying in a traffic wreck even when wearing the right gear and despite taking a riding course. According to The Hurt Report published by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration in 1981: The...

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