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Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and motorcycle lawyer in Los Angeles, CA.
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Marine Corps Air Station El Toro Claims

The Marine Corps Air Station El Toro is a former military base. MCAS El Toro was established in 1942 and operated until 1999 on the West Coast. Back in the 1960s, a large gaggle of US Marines departed for and returned from Vietnam via El Toro MCAS. This base, which supported Pacific Fleet Marine Forces was formerly a US Marine Corps Air Station. It was located close to the town of El Toro and not far from Irvine, California. It encompassed about 4,682 acres and housed Marine Corps aviation until being decommissioned. Marine Corps Air Station El Toro is just one of the many military facilities...

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Michael Ehline at First Recon HQ, Camp Pen

Do You Know the History of MCAS El Toro and Toxic Chemicals?

Spanning about 4,700 acres, the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro came into operation in 1943 near Irvine, California, becoming home to Marine Corps Aviation – West Coast. The base soon became the largest jet fighter facility on the West Coast, supporting the Fleet Marine Forces in the Pacific Ocean. The runways at the base were large enough to cater to the largest aircraft in the US arsenal. El Toro also became a base for the military to send and receive their forces during the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, the site had to close down in 1999. Let’s go over why the site closed...

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Paul Ehline and the Mong People

Why the US Used Agent Orange in Vietnam and What Makes It so Deadly

Considered a powerful herbicide, Agent Orange became controversial after the United States military sprayed over 12,000 square miles of Vietnamese jungles to remove forest cover for Vietnamese troops in the Vietnam war. Sixty years later, the legacy of Agent Orange continues. It is not limited to the severe health concerns arising from exposure to Agent Orange but also the United States government’s liability for their reckless actions, the damage caused by a powerful herbicide, and how to care for the victims. More Than $240 Million in Settlements! In this Paul Ehline Ride blog,...

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North Carolina Disability Law

Carolina Disability Rights: Neurobehavioral Effects of Contaminated Camp Lejeune Water

Paul Ehline Ride is Helping Carolina Victims and Beyond Camp Lejeune is a 246 sq mile military training facility in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Although the base is known for its vast beaches perfect for training, it has become famous for contaminated water. From 1957 to 1987, for 30 years, marines and their family members residing in Camp Lejeune drank contaminated drinking water with toxins up to 3,400 times above the safety standards, damaging the nervous system. The shocking part of all this is that the government did not disclose information about the contaminated water for...

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Bikers at Paul Ehline Ride Event

Veterans Groups Rejoice – Senate Passes PACT Act

After weeks of waiting, veterans exposed to toxic burn pits will not get health care benefits thanks to the PACT Act passing through the Senate. The decisive and bipartisan win is a huge one for veterans and military family members who require VA health care for conditions that have developed after exposure to toxic gas from these pits. Though the Tuesday night vote was great for those receiving disability benefits, Republican amendments had slowed things down. The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and several high-ranking Democrats pushed the Senate vote through, even though they were met...

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Bill to Improve the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant and the Children of Fallen Heroes Grant

There is a bill to improve the Iraq and Afghanistan Service grant and the children of fallen heroes grant, which will make a huge difference for people who have served. Many veterans deserve to have better help when they have been discharged from the military. However, many of them have struggled when they come home. Those who were a part of the Iraq and Afghanistan service saw many dreadful scenarios, which is why the government should look after them. To learn more about the bill to improve the Iraq and Afghanistan Service grant and the children of fallen heroes grant, continue reading...

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