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Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and motorcycle lawyer in Los Angeles, CA.

Your Involvement Means Everything to Veterans with Cancer

Veterans need your help, and your involvement could be life-changing for them. Every year, approximately 50,000 veterans get a cancer diagnosis, and considering their aging population, this number will only get bigger in the coming years. If every person in the US donated only $5, we would have more than $1.6 billion in a day. Of course, not everyone can donate, but it’s just an example to give you an idea of ‘working together’. When we think individually, we might see ourselves as a meaningless part of it all. However, when we come together, we can make everything happen. Get...

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Paul Ehline with Mong Villagers

Signs and Symptoms of Service-Related Cancer

Symptoms and signs are common ways the body uses to inform you that you are suffering from a disease, illness, or injury. Signs like bleeding or fever can be measured and seen by others. A symptom, on the other hand, is usually noticed or felt by those who have it. According to the national cancer institute, cancer symptoms usually depend on the location of cancer, its size, and most importantly, how it impacts the nearby tissues or organs. If someone has cancer and it is spreading, there is a good chance that its symptoms or signs will appear in various body parts. While almost anyone...

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Military Service-Related Cancer Facts and Statistics

When the data from the general population and veterans affairs patients is compared, you clearly see that certain types of cancers are more common in the military veterans than they are in the former group. Over the course of time, the military, general public, veterans rights movements, and various other organizations have blamed several factors for increasing the risk of cancer incidence in military service members. The deeper you dive into the VACCR data and compare it to the SEER cancer data, you realize that the environments the veterans have to live in, the air they have to breathe...

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Paul Ehline With Mong People

A Glossary of Cancer-Related Terms for Veterans

Knowing that you have cancer can turn everything upside down for you. Everything changes, and you can’t believe what hit you. However, if you are a veteran with an illness, nothing in the world could match your courage and bravery. If you have faced weapon-carrying enemies face to face and lived years of your life in the middle of bombing, firing, and shooting, you can beat cancer too. Here is a dictionary of cancer terms, so you know what everything means. This dictionary will also help you if you are someone who has just taken the voluntary job of helping a veteran with cancer. Service-Related...

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Paul Ehline and Son

Can a Brain-injured U.S. Marine Become a Lawyer with No Law Degree to Boot?

You Can Provide Legal Assistance Without a Law Degree Did you know you could qualify as a lawyer without a law degree? I did it and now successfully run Ehline Law Firm! I am a disabled, inactive US Marine from the Armed Forces, and you, too, can definitely become an attorney without having to go to law school. Even if you have a brain injury, so long as it doesn’t harm your ability to take the bar, you are good to go! This is the case in numerous states, including CA. I, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, became a lawyer by reading law under multiple supervising attorneys during...

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Paul Ehline and the Mong People

Veterans Travel US to Garner: Support for Afghan Refugees and Triple A

A Road Trip to Remind the US About its Afghan Allies Veterans of the US armed forces visited the nation to promote legislation that would be funded by the Biden administration’s spending on aiding Afghan refugees. Veterans Travel US to Garner: Support for Afghan Refugees The soldiers traveled through 25 states and more than 7,600 miles in five weeks this fall to promote the Afghan Adjustment Act, proposed by Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. Matt Zeller, Army Veteran told the Washington Post that it was imperative that they finish the mission. The purpose of the journey is to...

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